Avolution Beatfest 2011


Testing the Kinect interface before the show. More pictures…

On March 2011, I was invited by Ade Darmawan of Ruangrupa to collaborate with him in Avolution Beatfest 2011, a music event featured MGMT, an American psychedelic rock band, and The Whitest Boy Alive, among others. The event was held on 26 March 2011 at Bengkel Night Park, SCBD, Jakarta. I create an interactive artwork that allows visitors to interact through a standalone Kinect sensor. The artwork was built with Processing and OpenKinect library. During the event, 30 visitors interacted with the artwork and captured. Each participated visitor get one copy of his/her image printed on a postcard-size paper.

ping-96892 titas-133763

The output of the artwork. More artwork images…

Along with this artwork, other artworks by friends from Ruangrupa displayed in this event were: “Maze Game” by Oomleo, and “Diary of Secret Places” by The Secret Agents (Indra Ameng and Keke Tumbuan).

Thank you to Ary Sendy Bagong a.k.a Jimged, who helped prints the artworks. I would also like to thank friends at Ruangrupa.

More pictures of the show and the artwork result (images hosted at flickr).

Information about the event from deathrockstar.info